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The Best From Ya Mate

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Your Aussie Connection

From the Gold Coast of Queensland

timmy-down-underG’Day, I’m Timmy from the “Timmy DownUnder” show, live on Revealing Talk Radio.

I’m currently a local musso in a band called “The Core Vets”, and a family man living in Queensland Australia.  Brought up in Sydney and now residing on the Gold Coast my life is pure and simple – Work, Play, Love and Keeping it Real.

I am on air to tell you how it is in Australia.  A bit of banter, laughter and shenanigans, also some useful information will be injected into your lives right here from Australia.

From Aussie music to life in general, the latest news, dangerous creatures, and more.  I will touch the vein that drives your heart with listening pleasure as I develop your ears for some good ol’ Aussie culture, and of course Aussie slang.

Sit back, enjoy the ride that comes for free, and listen to my show “Timmy DownUnder” on Revealing Talk Radio.

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