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Your Business Therapist

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Elliot Jolesch is your Business Therapist.

elliot-jolesch-hour-art-workEvery business can benefit from a business coach. A business coach will look at your business from the
outside and help you make decisions to improve it. The purpose of my show is to provide coaching to
improve your business. Weekly, I will have different guests on to help inspire and guide you in areas to
improve your business. My guests will include other business coaches, as well as financial,
communication, marketing, and technology experts. Guests will be able to send in email asking specific
questions that will be answered on-air during the show (time permitting) or the following week.

Elliot Jolesch spent over 30 years helping to resolve customers’ IT problems through technology
development, implementation, operations management, and customer service. With that expertise,
knowledge, and experience he started The ECJ Group, LLC in 2011, to help individuals and businesses
with developmental coaching and facilitation. Elliot’s experiences include his own entrepreneurial
experiences and working with both small groups and large companies to find answers and resolve
problems. Elliot has been involved with process improvement planning, establishing goals, marketing,
and strategic planning for small and large organizations. In addition to over 30 years of experience, Elliot
has a BBA in Accounting, a MBA in Management and a Masters of Management in Information

The ECJ Group, LLC was founded to help individuals and businesses with developmental coaching and
facilitation. Though independently owned and operated, we are part of a nationwide network of 600+
organizational improvement professionals who employ our methodologies and share our philosophies.
The tools, methodologies, and processes we employ have achieved phenomenal success for over 30
years. Benefactors of this success are found in virtually every industry and market. They include Fortune
100 corporations, nonprofits (NPO’s), professional organizations, governments, small businesses,
universities and colleges, public and private schools, individuals, and much more. It is the mission of The
ECJ Group, LLC to develop economically and ethically strong communities by developing effective forprofit,
non-profit, and small governmental organizations. We help individuals and organizations function
according to their greatest abilities in order to achieve that vision.

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