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Cracking the Pyramid Control System

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Revealing what the mainstream media isn't telling you.

Unplug yourself.

decrypted-matrixDecrypted Matrix’s Mission:

This ‘reality’ is a very large, very dark room

Only small pockets of light are provided in which to see

Do we explore the room only with the provided light, just because we are led to believe it is the only light?

Or do we find our OWN source of illumination, and start exploring this room ourselves?

There is PLENTY happening in this room, that is not being exposed from its shadow

Are you prepared to see what the darkness has kept from you?

Are you ready to know why?

Elevate Human Awareness
Expose & Dismantle Greed, Corruption
Learn from [true] History
Distribute Beneficial Knowledge
Advance [suppressed] Technology
Protect Organic Agriculture
Maximize Human Potential
Promote Global Solutions
Re-integrate with Nature
Act with Love in all


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